Luxury bespoke or limited Womenswear, handmade to order in New Plymouth, New Zealand. 

We're the modern woman's personal atelier; meaning we create custom, bespoke clothing that suits your personal style and fits your body.

Brooke Barrett speaks to women with substance, creativity, talent, vulnerability & ideas. We celebrate the individuality of the modern woman by empowering her to express her unique.
Each piece from Brooke Barrett is customizable.

We are here deliver fashion that inspires you, as well as give you optionality to suit your individual preferences.

We bring the heritage techniques and quality craftsmanship of an atelier service to the modern, fast-moving fashion world. Your piece will be handmade by an artisan seamstress, just for you.
Our made-to-order model reduces fashion’s impact on the environment with ethical production methods that generate less waste.