Brooke Barrett offers a special, Bespoke (Custom Made) service for individual clients wanting that perfect piece – whether you’re the Mother of a bride, in need of a formal dress for that special occasion, can’t find a shirt that requires your fitting needs, or just simply because you’ve been longing for that dress, jacket, or shirt of your dreams.

The idea behind Brooke Barrett’s customised experience, is that you can create a one-off piece, exclusive to your own wardrobe, or recreate your favourite existing piece, in quality, specifically to your wants and needs. Each piece is personally overseen from initial consultation, to fit and fabric selection (locally sourced in New Zealand), then produced individually by Brooke, with a commitment to fulfilling your dreams of that perfect piece.

Due to the bespoke nature of Brooke Barrett’s custom made service, each piece is priced individually and will vary depending on the duration and fabrication of your project. Generally, an approximate quote can be offered upon initial consultation, and some styles may have a set starting price. Once you have had your initial consultation, a 50% deposit is required to begin the production process (pattern making, fitting, construction) which depending on the garment, can take anywhere between 4-10 weeks. (Please note that some styles cannot be produced within this timeframe, and if your garment requires a shorter deadline, an additional 10% will apply.)

Upon receiving your deposit, the process will begin and cannot be cancelled after this point. Please note, that Brooke Barrett reserves the right to retain the 50% deposit for cancellation of an order, all orders are considered and accepted at the sole discretion of Brooke, and cost of fabric and trimmings will be quoted separately. 

Have an idea of something you'd like to have made but would like extra information? Drop us a message below - we endeavour to respond within 48 hours.