MUSE MOMENTS | Ella Waterhouse
Who is Ella?
I'm so fluid and tend to mould to my peers and environment, so to define myself is quite difficult. I would say, that I am whatever I am whenever I am, wherever I am. Put me in a room with anyone, we'll walk out friends.
I resonate with quality, durability and brands with depth. Im more inclined to shop something I know I'll have until it falls apart. I've generally bought second hand, because I enjoy how sporadic and spontaneous my findings will be.
My uniform is so androgynous. I've always envied the simplicity of the male wardrobe for it's minimal aesthetic. So I try apply that theory to my own look, I wear what feels good and I don't over think it.
I'm a big fan of things that are more than they appear so the Brooke Barrett Silk Neck Tie is right up my alley. A quick wrap around or a spicy halter neck - such a fun piece to style.

What inspires your creative direction when picking up a camera?
My creative direction has changed so much over time. I used to put a lot of thought into photography and my direction was quite considered. I knew that I loved taking photos, but the method was so cumbersome. So I downsized my camera and purchased a compact carry case so that I could take it with me everywhere without it being a chore.
Now when I feel like being creative, I put my earphones in, I go for a walk and I look for objects that don't belong, that feel odd given their surroundings. I started viewing the most ordinary objects in this way, I'd see these almost mild juxtapositions everywhere, and I'd come away with these images that I think depict the beauty in the mundane.

Tell us something really boring about yourself?
I brush my teeth three times a day.
Your work offers a beautifully calm sense of appreciating the small things, simplicity, realism. What do you think/want your images to speak
In all honesty, I hope my images make people want to be more observant. The majority of my images are of things I've walked past a million times, or of people I see every day. I guess you could say they have a documentary element.
I walk quite a bit and think speed changes how you view things, when you move at a slower pace, you're more aware of your environment and this can be translated across many things, talking to someone, looking at something. Attention and time are priceless.


Want to view the world through Ella's eyes? Visit her Instagram, you might see things in a new way too x

Garments listed as follows:

Silk Raglan Blouse in 'Wine' & Silk Gathered Trousers in 'Cameo' (via Et Vous Boutique) 
- Silk Ruffled Dress in 'Hot pink' (via Et Vous Boutique)
Silk Neck Tie in 'Ashphalt' (via Et Vous Boutique)
February 20, 2021 — Brooke Barrett