"Brooke Barrett defines resort and occasion-wear for the modern romantic. Continuously breaking free from traditional fashion seasons or trends, Brooke Barrett focuses on exclusive individuality and flattering silhouettes. They’re here to break the norm, offer some attitude, and get the party started."


Silver Linings embodies a nature emulating ambition.

Jewel notes provide the whispers of glamour rock with timeless appeal, while lustrous satins project the sounds of alluring laughter, music, and the embrace of optimism.

Silhouettes of bias-cut simplicity allow each wearer to inherit these layers as their own, while the palette of over 20 colours recognises confidence in channelling self-expression, tearing down the walls of lacklustre uniformity while
providing resort wear to celebrate every opportunity.

We are fearless. We are optimists. We are pursuers of dreams. We are believers in Silver Linings.


MUSE MOMENTS | Ella Waterhouse

MUSE MOMENTS | Ella Waterhouse

I'm so fluid and tend to mould to my peers and environment, so to define myself is quite difficult. I would say, that I am whatever I am whenever I am, wherever I am. Put me in a room with anyone, we'll walk out friends.
MUSE MOMENTS | Peppi Polviander van Hoof

MUSE MOMENTS | Peppi Polviander van Hoof

Meet Peppi Polviander van Hoof, a Finnish model, musician, vocalist & co-writer for alternative rock band @theblackdaphnes. Peppi, exerts a vibe you want to be a part of.
MUSE MOMENT | Jamie-Lee Dimes

MUSE MOMENT | Jamie-Lee Dimes

We first met with Musician Jamie-Lee Dimes, two years ago in the Fall, Negroni in hand at a little dive bar in New York.

We spoke of where we saw ourselves heading in our careers, why we live and breathe the passions we pursue, and how we were going to achieve our outrageous dreams.

Two years on and many cities later, we talk with Jamie about just how much we can achieve when you really believe in yourself & what you do.