• FABRIC SELECTIONS : Most of our pieces are available in various fabric selections. While we have made every effort to show you all of these samples, not every option is included in the images provided. We understand the importance and excitement for making fabric selections, so we offer sample selection packages. Order our various sample packs here.

  • PRICING:  Due to the bespoke nature of Brooke Barrett’s custom-made service, each piece is priced individually and will vary depending on the duration and fabrication of your project. To make an appointment in-studio or virtually, please contact us to arrange a time.

  • SEPARATES OR DRESS : We're working on a broad range of separates so most pieces can be available to mix & match to create something uniquely your own to be worn separately, also giving you the option to combine these into one gown. Just add the separates you love in the cart and leave a note at checkout to have them made/combined as a dress or to remain as separates in the notes box provided.

  • STYLE OPTIONS : Be sure to read all the available options with each garment as some pieces have various options when it comes to button selections, fastenings and colour options.

  • WE CAN HELP : We understand this is a huge decision, so we want to ensure that you make your choice with absolute confidence! If you'd like our professional opinion to confirm your ideas and options, just send us an email so we can work together in making the best decision for your day. If you are still unsure about what fabrics to select for your Brooke Barrett Separates, why not start with ordering a sample fabric selections pack. 

Please get in touch!