BROOKE BARRETT | Adorning with integrity: Brooke Barrett talks design, hats, and eucalyptus fibre

“Designer Brooke Barrett is bona fide cool. She’s that alluring mix of rock edginess, understated elegance, and a dedication to her own uncompromising aesthetic."



Read the interview on FashioNZ with Lisa Potter talking all things inspiration, what makes our designer Brooke Barrett move and her purpose for creating - what an intro!

"While primarily renowned for her limited-edition collection of bridal and occasion dresses, her latest obsession sparks from a fascination with the quintessential woollen felt fedora.

In true form, Brooke has created her own take on the fedora. The result is an intoxicating collection of wool felt unisex hats, designed to share on desert adventures and high station wanderings (how’s that for inspo for planning your next travel trip?), through to being equally at home at the most desirable tuxedo-clad gatherings or just lounging under the shade of a tree. In warming, desert-like tones such as ‘desert bloom’, ‘clay’, ‘sand’, ‘ivory’ and ‘cactus’, her new Eucalyptus collection delivers seasonless additions to every wardrobe.”


September 19, 2022 — Brooke Barrett